Mühlbauer fedora

Style: UDO, CM526
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Product details

Udo is the Mühlbauer gentleman’s shape par excellence. It is an elegant, wide brimmed hat made of velvet felt. Satin velvet felt is made of 100% rabbit hair and is one of the best felt qualities available. The typical velvet character of this felt is obtained by the regular cut of the felt hairs. The hat is decorated with a silk grosgrain ribbon. On the left side of the hat the ribbon’s ends are tied into a special bow, unique to Mühlbauer - the "Mühlbauer Bow". Udo is mainly worn by men, but also much loved by women.

Wear & Care

This felt hat offers excellent protection against wind and weather. It is soft and comfortable, but at the same time durable and robust, therefore perfect for every day wear. Please store flat.


Crown height: approx. 9.5 cm, brim width: approx. 7 cm, grosgrain ribbon width: approx. 4 cm

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