Mühlbauer gentleman's hat

Style: DUKE, CM557
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The Mühlbauer classic Duke is an elegant, hand-ironed gentleman’s hat. It is made of beaver felt, the emperor of all felts. The finest, softest and most compact hat felts are made of 100% beaver hair - a quality that cannot be surpassed in comfort and handling. This hat is decorated with a silk grosgrain ribbon. On the left side of the hat the ribbon’s ends are tied into a special bow, unique to Mühlbauer - the "Mühlbauer Bow". Duke is mainly worn by men, but also appreciated by women.

Wear & Care

This hat made of high quality beaver felt is lightweight, comfortable and robust, therefore perfect for everyday wear. Please store flat.


Crown height: approx 10 cm, brim width: approx 7 cm, grosgrain ribbon width: approx. 4 cm

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