Mühlbauer face mask Sun

Style: SUN, CS102
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Product details

ATTENTION! For health and safety reasons there is NO MONEY BACK, RETURN OR EXCHANGE POSSIBLITY FOR THIS PRODUCT. The Mühlbauer mask "Sun" covers your nose and mouth and allows social co-existence in our daily lives - despite the risk of a virus. It protects your conversation partners from droplets that can occur during speech or sneezing. It does not, however, protect you from infections from others, and is not suitable for medicinal purposes. The mask is tied round your ears with two elastic bands. These are knotted loosely enabling you to adjust the size to suit your individual head size. The upper seam encloses a bendy wire so the mask fits around your nose properly. The mask "Sun" is made of a soft, double layered and slightly scrunched cotton. It is especially suited to people with a smaller head size and can be worn by men, women and children.

Wear & Care

This facial mask is easy care. It should be cleaned after every use. It can be washed at 60°C or dry cleaned.


Length x width: approx. 20 x 12 cm + rubber band To adjust the mask according to your individual head size, shorten the rubber band. Please pull the knot inside the side-seam of your mask to protect it inside the washing machine.

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