foldable hat
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Product details

The fold-up hat Resi Rama is flexible and invites you to shape it yourself. The crown can be dented in at the top, or the brim shaped as you desire. This hat is made of melusin felt, one of the best felt qualities available, 100% rabbit hair. The typical fluffy, hairy character of this felt is created by brushing out the long hairs. Resi Rama can be folded like a beanie and packed in a bag. It is light-weight, soft and comfortable, easy care. This hat is worn by men and women.

Wear & Care

This felt hat is easy care and excellent protection against wind and weather. It is soft and comfortable, but also durable and robust, therefore perfect for every day wear.


Crown height: approx. 13cm, brim width: approx. 7.5cm

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