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Product details

Pane is a pillbox for elegant summer occasions. It is made of bao straw, extracted from the trunk of the baobab tree. The decoration of this pillbox - two ears of corn - refers to the collection theme "Sweat", dedicated to the headwear of the manual labourer. The ears of corn symbolise work outdoors in the fields. The luminescent orange sprayed dot forms the optical centre of this piece and is reminiscent of the signal effect and visibility of headwear often worn by manual labourers. This pillbox can be worn with a comb or fixed onto the head with an elastic band.

Wear & Care

This piece is perfect for sunny warm weather. It requires careful handling: do not bend or fold. Avoid exposure to rain or damp. Store flat with plenty of surrounding space.


Diameter: approx. 14 cm, height: approx. 4 cm, ear of corn length: approx. 22 cm

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