Mühlbauer traveller

Style: DUKE LEE, M19514
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Product details

The narrow-brimmed traveller Duke Lee is a great combination of materials. The main fabric is a new wool felt quality from Nepal, discovered by Mühlbauer. It is hand felted wool with an irregular, raw surface. In the ear region - where one appreciates warmth and comfort - the hat has a wide expanse of woollen braid. The woollen braid used here is a typical element of traditional alpine costume - the braid is normally worn as a tie. Thus this hat also refers to the collection’s theme "MOUNTAIN" that looks at the wealth of hat traditions in the world’s mountain regions, especially the Alps. Duke Lee is the perfect felt hat for cold damp weather. It is worn by men and women.

Wear & Care

This hat offers excellent protection against wind and weather and is easy care. It is soft and comfortable, but also durable and robust, therefore perfect for every day wear.


Crown height: approx. 13cm, brim width: approx. 5cm

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