gentleman's hat
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Product details

The gentleman’s shape Mick is made of a new felt quality especially produced for Mühlbauer. In a constant endeavour to make hats as lightweight and comfortable as possible, Mühlbauer developed this particularly fine felt made of 100% rabbit hair with our supplier. Like all pieces made of the hair felt "SUPERLIGHT" Mick also has a flexible shape. It can be dented and shaped, can be folded and packed in a bag and even forgives you if you sit on it by accident. This piece is decorated with loosely tied, various coloured ribbons made of checked loden, the so-called "ribbon decoration". This way of decorating hats picks up on the collection’s theme "MOUNTAIN" that looks at the rich hat traditions in the mountain regions of the world, especially the Alps.

Wear & Care

This hat is easy care and excellent protection against wind and weather. It is particularly lightweight, soft and comfortable, therefore perfect for every day wear


Crown height: approx. 12cm, brim width: approx. 7cm

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