Mühlbauer fascinator

Style: ROSINE, M20104
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Product details

The Mühlbauer fascinator "Rosine" is perfect for celebratory summer events. It is made of sinamay, a light-weight, grid-like straw weave made from the fibres of a banana plant local to East Asia. This fascinator has been constructed like a typical Viennese pastry, a so-called "Topfengolatsche" (curd pastry). The pastry is recreated from piece of sinamay folded into a square, underneath is the "plate" (also made of sinamay) and a "napkin" - a piece of veil folded into a triangle. This piece refers to the collection theme "Vienna", with the aim of capturing stylistic elements typical to Vienna. The fascinator "Rosine" is attached to the hair with a comb.

Wear & Care

This piece is perfect for sunny, warm weather. It requires careful handling: do not bend or fold. Avoid exposure to rain. Store flat with plenty of surrounding space.


Diameter basis: approx. 12cm, diameter of "Topfengolatsche": approx. 14cm

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