Mühlbauer hat cap

Style: NAGI, M20511
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Product details

The Mühlbauer piece Nagi is the combination of a cap with a visor and a nape guard - a new type of hat shape. But not just the shape, the material combination is also exceptional: the outside is a robust 100% wool felt, good protection against rain. Inside, where we appreciate warmth and softness - is a fake fur combining camel hair and silk. The nape guard and visor refer to the collection theme "SHELTER", which explores our desire for safety and warmth, protection from the wind, weather and other dangers. Nagi is a fashion statement and is worn by men and women.

Wear & Care

This hat is excellent protection against the wind and weather. It is easy care and therefore perfect for every day winter wear.


Crown height: approx. 11 cm, nape guard width: approx. 5 cm, visor length: approx. 7 cm

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