Mühlbauer traveller

Style: PRINZ GIGI, M21105
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Product details

The Mühlbauer piece Prinz Gigi is a wide-brimmed traveller made of grid-like paper fibre weave known as spagat, elastic yet robust. The hat is slightly crinkled. A bendy wire has been inserted into the brim edge, allowing you to style it as you wish. The generous piece of tulle that appears "thrown over", rather than meticulously draped, makes this hat an eye-catcher. Thus this hat will add a touch of glamour to every summer party.

Wear & Care

This hat is perfect for summer weather. Tulle is a delicate fabric and requires careful handling. Store with plenty of space round the hat. Avoid exposure to rain or humidity.


Crown height: approx. 10.5 cm, brim width: approx. 8.5 cm

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