Mühlbauer helmet

Style: HIRO, P20601
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Product details

The Mühlbauer hat Hiro is a fur cap for an opulent winter appearance. Hiro is made of racoon fur, a shiny, dense fur in natural grey and brown hues. The dark kemp hair ends at the back of the fur result in a salt and pepper effect. The fur comes from an animal that lived in the German forests and was hunted there. The special detail of this hat is the protective nape guard, reminiscent of a fireman’s hat. Hiro thus refers to the collection theme "SHELTER", exploring our desire for safety and warmth, protection from the wind, weather and other dangers. This fur hat is voluminous, which is why it is especially warming. Hiro is worn by men and women.

Wear & Care

This hat is excellent protection against the cold. Should it get wet (in the rain or snow) please leave to air dry and do not place on a radiator.


Crown height: approx. 17 cm, visor length: approx. 10 cm, width of the nape guard: approx. 12 cm

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