Mühlbauer beanie

Style: FRODE, S21755
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Product details

The Mühlbauer bobble hat Frode is made of wind and waterproof tech fabric (PES), well padded with wadding and feather light. With its generous padding this piece refers to the collection’s theme "Big Hug". The collection and the headwear therein invite you to join them in a collective hug, to cuddle and squeeze, expressing our need for physical closeness often lacking during the pandemic months. This piece has volume. it keeps you exceptionally warm and is therefore perfect for cold, damp weather. It is worn by men and women.

Wear & Care

This beanie is easy care and excellent protection against wind, weather and the cold. It is particularly light weight, soft and comfortable, therefore perfect for every day wear.


Crown height: approx. 22 cm, pom-pom diameter: approx. 5 cm

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