TUNDRA. The unending white of the snow and the birch trees, broken by the many hues of green, the intensive rust-red and dark blue of deep waters. The colours of the tundra define this Mühlbauer collection.



“FELICITÀ” by Mühlbauer: this is lightness; this is the unburdened feeling of summer. You will see beach impressions of parasols with fringing, ice-cream menus whose colours have long been bleached out by the sun. A certain song will beat its soundtrack through your mind. What luck.

Mühlbauer | HAT PEOPLE AW1819
🖤Johann with ART - the hand felted version of this style is easy to handle and beautifully blue.
#handfelted wool #handfelted #unisexfashion #bluehat #hatpeople #muhlbauer #vienna 
Carpet @ Teppiche WeissMühlbauer | AW1819
🖤MANUFACTORY 1010 Vienna
All of our hats are handmade with love and passion.
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Foto @lisaediMühlbauer | HAT PEOPLE AW1819
🖤Vedi wears PRINZ BODO - this hand felted unisex hat is pretty warm and it's no problem if it gets wet.
#unisexfashion #felthat #foldablehat #autumnstyle #mühlbauer #handmade #madeinvienna

Mühlbauer Headwear since 1903

The Mühlbauer designs are groundbreaking for hat fashions worldwide. And that’s not just a question of inspiration, but also of expertise. Every hat from the Mühlbauer workshops is decorated with a sweeping M. This iconic hat pin epitomises our brand values and our commitment to quality.

“The fascination for making hats lies in designing for the most visible part of the human body, the head. The combination of sure instinct and knowhow can result in true wonders of creation:
endowing style and identity.”

— Klaus Mühlbauer, hatmaker