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Pocket bucket WIM

€ 159,00
1. material / color:
beige | Cotton eta proof
2. material / color:
olive | Cotton eta proof
Size: S

The product is custom-made for you. Delivery in approximately 1-2 weeks. Item No.: CS125-S-200-600, price incl. VAT.

Product details

Product details

This rain hat is known as the POCKET BUCKET because it can be folded into a small square and packed in the accompanying little bag. This piece is made of lightweight, water repellant cotton produced in Switzerland, called Eta Proof, and reversible – meaning this hat is made of two layers of the same fabric in different colours. You decide which colour you want to wear on the outside. An elastic band has been inserted into the back of the crown ensuring a perfect fit. The POCKET BUCKET can accompany you anywhere. It is worn by men and women.

Wear & Care

This piece is perfect for rainy days. It is lightweight and foldable and can be packed into any bag.


Crown height: approx. 8 cm, brim width: approx. 6 cm