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Autumn Winter 2021/22

BIG HUG: Where have you gone, you intimate, stormy, friendly, romantic, comforting hugs? We have missed you so much. The autumn winter 2021/22 collection invites you to join it in a big, all-enveloping hug. The hats are fluffy and light as a feather, voluminous, as soft and padded as cotton wool. You can wrap yourself up in them, squeeze them heartily, literally crawl into them for comfort. In return they will hug you back and wrap themselves protectively around you. These are materials that invite cuddles, to feel, to sense, to lose ourselves in them. Because it’s simply impossible to keep your hands off cashmere loden, melusin felt, soft sherpa wool and thickly padded fabrics. The pieces in this collection are approachable, easy to grasp, and just as easy to experience and wear. This feels so good.

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