Mühlbauer 111 Darlings - A Hat Book

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On the occasion of their 111th anniversary the Viennese hat makers Mühlbauer edited a hat book. "111 Darlings - A Hat Book" is a book about hats, but above all a book about Mühlbauer. The book tells the story of over 100 years of handcrafting headwear in a family business now in its fourth generation - from the small milliner’s workshop in Vienna’s suburbs to an internationally renowned label for contemporary headwear. "111 Darlings" presents 111 darling anecdotes, darling people, darling hat making tools and of course a plethora of darling hats which were important for Mühlbauer and the company’s journey through time. But above all "111 Darlings" tells stories. Stories about what a fashionable niche product such as headwear can experience. Eva Mühlbauer, published by Metroverlag Vienna, 290 pages, ISBN 978-3-99300-180-3.


format 16,5 x 21 cm