Mühlbauer canotier

Style: FIDO KIR, M20143
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The shape of the hat "Fido Kir" is similar to the French canotier, the English boater and the hat shape known in Vienna as girardi. These days this shape is primarily known as a fisherman’s hat or a bucket hat (English). The fisherman's hat has really taken off in the international fashion scene - youthful wearers often combine it with all kinds of oversize clothes, for the young at heart it is a much sought-after travel hat. This piece is made of a crocheted paper fibre weave known as paper crochet. A fine bendy wire has been worked into the brim edge allowing you to shape it as you wish. This hat is therefore perfect for travel and beach, but also every day summer wear in town. It is worn by men and women.

Wear & Care

This piece is perfect for summery weather. It can be rolled and folded and packed in any bag. Avoid exposure to rain or damp.


Crown height: approx. 7.5cm, brim width: approx. 6.5cm

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